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I love helping others encounter Jesus through preaching and teaching his word. My approach is biblically expositional, aimed at clarity, deeply honest, animated, and most natural in the intersection of spiritual formation and global missions. As a former lead pastor I have preached through entire series and books of the Bible, including Genesis, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes,  Jonah, Luke, Ephesians, Philippians, and 1 Peter. If you'd like me to speak at an upcoming event, contact me directly at

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

January 8-9  |  Upstream Sending Church Gathering  |  Louisville, KY

January 11  |  Upstream Sending Pre-Field Orientation  |  Louisville, KY

January 29-30  |  Upstream Sending Church Elements Cohort Retreat  |  Louisville, KY

February 26 - March 3  |  MOVE Conference  |  Marietta, GA

March 5-6  |  Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Intro to Missions Series  |  Louisville, KY

April 21  |  Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church  |  Monticello, KY

April 28  |  First Baptist Church Eastwood  |  Louisville, KY

May 5  |  Hy Vong Church  |  Louisville, KY

May 9  |  Missio Nexus Webinar  |  Online

June 7  |  Gateway Church  |  Findlay, OH

June 16  |  Hy Long Church  |  Louisville, KY

July 27  |  Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Equip Conference  |  Dallas, TX

July 31  |  Upstream Sending Church Applied Gathering  |  Dallas, TX

August 1  |  Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Mobilization Gathering  |  Dallas, TX

September 9-10  |  Upstream Sending Church Elements Cohort Retreat  |  Louisville, KY

September 11-13  |  Missio Nexus Missions Leaders Conference  |  Louisville, KY

September 22-24  |  Upstream Sending Church Elements Cohort Retreat  |  Seattle, WA

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