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Bradley Bell is a former missionary who serves as the lead pastor at Antioch Church and the senior editor for The Upstream Collective. He lives among the diverse community of south Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Katie, and daughters Elisabeth, Charlotte, Anneliese, and Madeleine. You can listen to part of his story here

Broken Missiology is the compilation of Bradley's writing and speaking, which mostly focuses on the intersection of spiritual formation and God's global mission. "Broken" is a play on the word that refers both to missiology that needs to be renewed and to approaching missiology in a formational posture.


In order to biblically clarify the nature of a sending church, this book unpacks the following definition one word at a time:

A Sending Church is a local community of Christ-followers who have made a covenant together to be prayerful, deliberate, and proactive in developing, commissioning, and sending their own members both locally and globally, often in partnership with other churches or agencies, and continuing to encourage, support, and advocate for them while making disciples cross-culturally, and upon their return.


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